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Find Your Beach

Jan 25, 2021

Hey Beaches, this is the 83rd episode of Find Your Beach, the podcast. We talk about a lot of fun things on here, including sex, Florida, and the weather in New York. We're too tired to write a better intro, but I think the podcast was still quality.


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Jan 18, 2021

Well Beaches, we can't really tell you what this episode is about, because it really isn't about anything. Andy drank some cold brew too late and proceeded to change the subject about every three seconds, but in what we think is a fun way. We hope this isn't your first time listening to the pod, but if it is, this...

Jan 11, 2021

Hey Beaches, the revolution happened and failed, and we talk about it, as well shower sex, and what are genitals look like. It's pretty fun, but I'm biased. Hope you're having a good Monday while listening to this, just in case it's all of our last Monday, cause Don still has the nuclear codes. Cheers!


Jan 4, 2021

Welp Beaches, this is this week's episode, and it's pretty dang weird. Maybe not, but I'm pretty tired and I feel weird. Maybe I'm projecting. Anyways, we talk about predictions for the new year, how to kill a Real Housewife, and Rosie ignores Andy's boundaries and makes him look at a medical disaster. Happy Monday!