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Find Your Beach

Oct 18, 2021

Hi Beaches!

Full disclosure, it's been a rough week and it all started with a bad batch of mozzarella sticks. This week on Find your Beach, We listen to some of Rosebud's haunted sleep recordings, turns out she's possessed by the ghost of Annabelle. Andy and Rosebud argue about Fall and Justin Bieber and missing out on...

Oct 16, 2021

Hi Beaches!

Come on in, the water is warm! This week on Find Your Beach, Rosebud is kicked off ZocDoc for blowing off half the doctors in New York City, Andy breaks down his plan to invade the Mormon church and we discuss Dave Chappelle's controversial new Netflix special. Make sure you text us your BAD ADVICE questions...

Oct 11, 2021

Aloha Beaches!

Welcome back to the beach! This week on the pod, we're talking about the absurdity of Squid Game, Rosebud reveals some top secret information about the new CDC covid guidelines and Andy talks about his side hustle of selling butthole pics online, you guys - business is booming!


Oct 8, 2021

Hi Beaches!

It's another special patreon episode of Find Your Beach. This week, we're tackling a very sensitive topic. The anatomy of a Karen. We dissect a perfect example of this modern day phenomenon. Also, we go over one of your BAD ADVICE questions and Rosebud and Andy talk about their upcoming trip to Iceland!


Oct 4, 2021

Hi Beaches!

Welcome back to the beach, pull up a chair. This week on the pod, Rosebud shares her odd experience with her therapist, Andy cums in Matrix code and we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary by busting out our freezer-burned wedding cake - it's disgusting.

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