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Find Your Beach

Apr 30, 2020

We're airborne Beaches. Not like the virus, but still, we're on a plane. We talk about the experience at the airport, how annoying we must have been for the other passengers, and the woman who brought a full flat screen TV with her. Btw we made it home. Thanks for all the safe-travel messages from y'all.


Apr 29, 2020

Beaches, we're all packed and ready to go, but not before we record one last episode in the Echo Park Cabana, and reminisce about our favorite memories. We talk about the BITB, the lemon tree, and we read some fan mail. See you guys tomorrow on an airplane.



Apr 27, 2020

I don't know why I got so excited in that title, but I guess I'm just reeling from a great episode. We respond to the viewers requests from Instagram Live, including what we'd tell our past selves. Then we go to the Mail Bag (new segment) and hear from some of you. It's a whole lotta fun. Thanks y'all! We love you.

Apr 23, 2020

Hey day 41 of the quarantine and our 38th episode. We're still in puppy deliriums, As I write this, I'm not sure if I'm actually posting the pod or tapping my fingers on a stump after having talked into a pinecone for an hour. Rosebud may just be small hedge that I've taken to calling my fiance. Nothing makes sense....

Apr 22, 2020

Well Beaches, we've got a real goofy episode. We talk about the baby in the box, a little about the dogs (Mouse is a bitch), and I'm trying to go to a funeral in VR. Thanks for everything you are and will be.


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